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DAY 1, Thursday 9 August 2018           
08.30-09.30Plenary session 1
09.30-10.00Opening ceremony
10.00-10.30Morning break
10.30-12.00Sponsor symposium 1 Symposium 1 Symposium 2Sponsor symposium 2Symposium 3Symposium 4Sponsor symposium 3
(GALDERMA)Atopic March: From Theory to PracticeEthics and medical education(LEO)Evidence Based Practice in DermatologyRecent Development In Dermatopathology(Derma XP)
13.30-15.00Symposium 5Symposium 6Symposium 7Symposium 8Symposium 9Symposium 10Sponsor symposium 4
Medium Depth Peeling in South East AsiaBacterial Sexually Transmitted InfectionElderly and skin disordersPemphigus and Pemphigoid: Evidence Based UpdatesStructure and Function of The SkinDermatopathology in skin diseases(PT Chemco Prima Mandiri)
15.00-16.30Symposium 11Symposium 12Symposium 13Sponsor symposium 5Symposium 14 Symposium 15Sponsor symposium 6
Cutaneous Adverse Drug Reactions: molecular aspectSurgery dermatologyNeglected Tropical DiseasePT MDI (Metro Drug Indonesia) Basic Immunology in DermatologyChronic Pruritus( PT Sintesa Health)
16.30-17.00 Afternoon Break
17.00-18.00 Study group meetingStudy group meetingStudy group meeting
19.00-21.00Perdoski meetingPerdoski meeting
DAY 2, Friday 10 August 2018           
08.30-09.30Plenary session 2
The future concept of cosmetic dermatology
09.30-10.00Morning break– poster
10.00-11.30Sponsor symposium 7Symposium 16Symposium 17 Symposium 18Symposium 19Oral presentation of free paper Oral presentation of free paperSponsor symposium 8
(Transfarma)Translating Evidence Into Practice: Atopic DermatitisAesthetic Male DermatologyFungal Skin Infection in South East AsiaPsoriasis : Early Intervention and Disease Modification: Next Steps in Psoriasis (Novartis)(Derma-XP)
11.30-13.00Lunch – poster
13.00-14.30Symposium 20Symposium 21Symposium 22Symposium 23Symposium 24Oral presentation of free paperOral presentation of free paperSponsor symposium 9
What’s New (and True) in Lasers MicologyAcne: Translating Evidence into PracticeLeprosy in South East AsiaUpdates of Bacterial Skin Infection(Restylane)
14.30-16.00Symposium 25 PhototerapySymposium 26Symposium 27Symposium 28Symposium 29Oral presentation of free paperOral presentation of free paperSponsor symposium 10
Mycobacterial Infection: Diagnosis and TreatmentPsoriasis: The role of biologic agentsSkin TumorRecent issue in botox, filler, and threadlift(SEA-SCAR)
(Johnson n Johnson)
16.00-16.30 Afternoon Break
16.00-17.00Study group meetingStudy group meetingStudy group meetingMdvi meeting
17.00– 18.00FINSDV degree award
18.00 –19.00ISHOMA
19.00 –22.00Cultural night
DAY 3, Saturday 11 August 2018         
08.30-09.30Plenary session 3
09.30-10.00Morning Break
10.00-11. 30Sponsor symposium 11Symposium 30Symposium 31Sponsor symposium 12Symposium 32Symposium 33Sponsor symposium 13
(SDM)Viral Infection in STIHair LossHSI A new era of Vitiligo research and treatmentStem cell: the future treatment for skin diseases
(High Side Indonesia)
13.00-14. 30Symposium 34Symposium 35Symposium 36Symposium 37 Management Pruritus Symposium 38Symposium 39Sponsor symposium 14
LASERViral Skin Infection in South East AsiaRecent issue in Pediatric dermatologySkin tumor surgeryIndonesian herbal for Topical Skin Treatment
14.30-16.00Symposium 40Symposium 41Symposium 42Symposium 43Symposium 44Symposium 45Simposium 46
Panel Discussion LASERVaricella Zoster VirusWhat’s new in diagnosis and therapy of MelasmaNutrition and SkinNeonatal dermatologyPearl of allergic diseasePsoriasis
16.00-18.00Closing Ceremony